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Cameo Metal Products has been committed to promoting environmental sustainability since early 2011. We have implemented several green manufacturing processes, including oil and chemical reclaiming, to reduce our raw material usage. Our internal re-use process for corrugated cartons allows us to recycle them for PCR use when they reach the end of their life cycle.

Our product line features PCR based raw materials, such as our PCR Aluminum Alloy, which is made with 60% PCR Aluminum and uses 95% less energy to produce than virgin material. Additionally, we use PCR based plastics, including our PCR based Polypropylene, which is commonly used in our products.

By combining our PCR based Aluminum with our PCR based Polypropylene, we offer a luxurious metal product that is manufactured entirely out of PCR raw materials, emphasizing our commitment to sustainable manufacturing.

Cameo Metal's Green Manufacturing Initiative

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