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Friction-Fit Caps

Overcap Decorating Options

Standard Colors Include:

     -Shiny / Matte / Brushed Silver

     -Shiny / Matte / Brushed Gold

     -Matte / Gloss Black

     -Gloss White

     -Rose Gold

     -Shiny Copper

     -Shiny Red

     -Shiny Blue

     -Shiny Yellow Gold

- Custom Colors Available

- Custom Top Logo Embossing Available

- Hot Stamp / Printed Deco Optional

Standard Crimp Pump Friction Fit Caps

These friction fit over caps are metal shells that cover fine mist crimp style pumps. They are triangle shaped for three points of contact for a complete friction fit onto the crimped pump. Designed for mass level fragrances. 

Aerosol Can Valve Friction Fit Caps

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