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SINCE 1971


About Us

CAMEO METAL PRODUCTS - where metal meets magic! For over 50 years, the skilled artisans at Cameo Metal Products have been crafting and perfecting metal components that are as beautiful as they are durable. Founded in 1971 by the visionary Antonino Di Maio, Cameo started as a modest 5,000 sq. ft. metal finishing shop in Brooklyn, NY, specializing in metal components for US pen manufacturers.

But Antonino's passion and expertise in custom equipment building, combined with the strategic vision of his son Vito, led Cameo down a new path. With Vito's guidance, the company started creating stunning packaging components for the cosmetics and fragrance industries in the early 1980s. To complement its metal finishing division, Cameo invested in a metal forming division, which allowed the company to expand its capabilities and offer a wider range of products.
The tradition of innovation and excellence has been passed down through generations of the Di Maio family.
In 1999, Vito's eldest son Anthony joined the team, bringing his own unique talents and passion for innovation to the table. With his help, Cameo Metal Products expanded its reach even further, forging partnerships with new and exciting spirits and beverage customers. This expansion of the company's product line allowed Cameo to create even more stunning metal packaging components that perfectly complemented the flavors and branding of these exciting new clients. 

In 2006, Cameo Metal Products received a major boost with the arrival of Vito Jr., a forward-thinking innovator, who was determined to take the company to new heights. With his boundless energy and relentless focus, Vito Jr. set to work revamping every aspect of the company's production process, transforming it into a lean, efficient machine that could handle even the most complex of projects. He introduced a cutting-edge quality control system that ensured every product and service delivered by Cameo met the highest standards. This relentless focus on quality became a defining characteristic of the company, distinguishing it from rivals and consolidating its position as an industry leader.

Today, Cameo Metal Products is a global leader in metal packaging components, with two state-of-the-art manufacturing sites covering over 125,000 sq ft. The company's website features a complete catalog of stock packaging components, making it easier than ever for clients to access the magic that only Cameo can create. And, as always, Cameo is proud to remain a family-owned and operated business, with its roots firmly planted in the vibrant community of Brooklyn, NY. When it comes to packaging components, no one does it better than Cameo Metal Products!
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