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Metal Droppers

Metal Dropper on Bottle

Dropper Options Include

     - Rubber, Nitrile, Monoprene & Stantoprene Bulb            Selection.

     - Glass or Plastic Pipettes (Straight/Bent/Blunt Tip    Options).

     - Printed Pipettes / Metered Options

     - Colored Bulb Options

     - Bulk Packed or Individual Poly Bag Wrap

Closure Options Include:

Standard Colors Options

     -Shiny / Matte / Brushed Silver

     -Shiny / Matte / Brushed Gold

     -Matte / Gloss Black

     -Gloss White

     -Rose Gold

     -Shiny Copper

     -Shiny Red

     -Shiny Blue

     -Shiny Yellow Gold


- Custom Colors Available

- Hot Stamp / Printed Deco Optional

Standard Metal Droppers

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