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Metal Stamping

Cameo Metal Products maintains over 90 high speed eyelet transfer presses, as well as a complete in house tooling department to build new tooling under our trained and professional sight.


Metal Stamping Techniques Include:


  • Cupping: A cup can be drawn to approximately one half of the original blank in one operation.

  • Deep Drawing: Re-Drawing – length of draw maximum: up to 42 times the outer diameter ratio.

  • Stop Drawing: Shapes, such as hexagons, squares, can be introduced over part length.

  • Wiping / Drifting: Wiping draws top flange into uniform tubular outside diameter. Drifting draws the bottom into a uniform inside diameter.

  • Wall Shaping: Many variations are available including scoring, shaping, fluting, reducing a wall section, or metal displacement.

  • Reverse Draw: Tubular, hexagonal, square shapes can be obtained.

  • Bulging: Normally preceded by necking. Flange can be positioned anywhere including bottom of part.

  • Piercing: Can be performed at the top of the part, the bottom or on side-walls. Shapes desired dictate ease or difficulty of the piercing operation.

  • Bumping, indents, profusions: Can be convex or concave.

  • Roll Threading: External or internal threads can be introduced at any point of the part.

  • Beading / Corssetting: Beads can be internal or external.



Cameo Metal Products is a world leader in finishing metal forms with over 40 years of experience in the field.

Our finishes pass product compatibility tests with a variety of products from various industries. Guaranteeing our clients nothing will compromise the finish of our product.


Our Finishing Capabilities Include:


  • Epoxy Baked Lacquer Process:

    • Over 1,000 Pantone Shades

    • Buffed Finishes

    • Brush Finishes

    • Matte Finishes

    • Transparent Colors

  • Anodizing Process

    • Matte Finishes

    • Gloss Finishes

    • Metallic Finishes


Decorating Services

Using precision machinery, Cameo Metal Products is able to transform customer’s metal components into pieces of art, enabling customers to achieve different looks at added values. Cameo’s Digital Design Staff is able to retouch logos and old artwork, transforming them into new marketable items customers can sell.


Our In House Processes Include:


  • Silk Screening ( 1 to 4 Color)

  • Hot Stamping

  • Foil Wrapping

  • Laser Etching / Engraving



Cameo Metal Products maintains multiple high-speed semi-automatic assembly machines. Using a variety of adhesives, flange and flair techniques, roll over, press fit, snap fit processes, Cameo is able to assemble the most complex of assemblies. Cameo’s machinery is capable of completing specialty orders that require special handling or difficult multi-piece assemblies. From a simple 2 piece metal to plastic inner assembly to a complicated 4 to 6 piece collaboration, Cameo is able to perform the task you need.


  • Semi-Automatic Equipment

  • Multi-Piece

  • Press-Fitting & Snap Fitting

  • Layer Packing

  • Bulk Packing


Injection Molding

Cameo Metal Products partners with a local injection molder, who exclusively maintains a selection of injection mold presses for Cameo. The small partnership enables Cameo to be versatile and keep our customer’s costs low. The injection molder is capable of building 4-12 competitively priced cavity tools, and conducts tooling and manufacturing under the watchful Cameo eye, enabling our customers to become more flexible in todays era of business.


Our Capabilities in Injection Molding Include:


  • Custom Inners

  • Custom Closures

  • Fitments

  • Rings, Discs and Sleeves

Metal Stamping
Decorating Services
Assembly & Injection Molding
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